Paisley Schools

Pupils recording their Paisley today, for the future.

About the project

Following the popularity of the 'Your Paisley' School Photography Competition in 2015, the Scotland's Urban Past (SUP) team received requests from schools in Paisley to roll out our Urban Outdoor Learning Programme and get pupils investigating their local heritage.

A map of Scotland showing Paisley

Todholm Primary School

In October 2015, we helped 20 pupils from Todholm Primary School’s Primary 6 and Primary 7 classes to explore and record their school building. 

Pupils investigated historical maps and photographs of Paisley, created their own map showing the places that are important to them and learned about buildings and structures. They also took their first steps to becoming Urban Detectives by observing and sketching elements of their school building and playground. Through the medium of spaghetti and marshmallows, the pupils replicated the shape and layout of the school before heading outdoors to survey the building.

With step-by-step guidance from the SUP team, the pupils created a scale drawing of the building, using a plane table to measure distance and angles, and recorded every aspect of the school through photography.

The pupils’ findings and photographs have been used to create a record of Todholm Primary School on the National Record, Canmore.

Find out more from from Iona, Katie and Maria our Youth Forum members who wrote a blog post about the project.

A photograph of two schoolgirls with surveying and recording equipment.

Mary Russell School

In November 2015, 10 pupils from Mary Russell School’s Happy Snapper Club got snapping!

With SUP's Learning Officer pupils learnt about DSLR cameras and the principles of depth of field and rule of thirds. Pupils then used their new skills to photograph interesting features around their school building. The Happy Snapper Club will be continuing to take photographs and using their new skills.

Pictured are some members from the group with their teacher, Audrey Thompson.