Memories of the West Boathouse, Glasgow

Neighbouring Amateur Rowing Clubs recording memories of their boathouse and the river.

About the project

The timber-framed West Boathouse, on the banks of the River Clyde on Glasgow Green, was built by the Glasgow Corporation in 1905. The building is a hive of activity, housing two rowing clubs on each side of the semi-detached building.

Over 40 members of the two clubs, Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club and Clyde Amateur Rowing Club, met with the Scotland's Urban Past (SUP) team in September 2015 to discuss potential projects about the history of the building, sharing old photographs, and recording memories from both veterans of the clubs and the younger generation of rowers.

By April 2016, a core group of volunteers from the two clubs had focussed their project idea. The group wanted to create oral-history recordings about the West Boathouse, memories of rowing events in times gone by, and experiences of being out on the river.

The SUP team provided training in oral-history recording, advice on running reminiscence sessions and equipped the group with recording devices for conducting interviews. A smaller group of volunteers received training in editing audio files and video production at the end of July 2016.

Some recordings made by Clydesdale club members accompanied by past and present footage and images from their club's historical collections were first presented at Glasgow Doors Open Day on Saturday 17 September 2016 and are now available to view right here (please note: titles begin from 15 seconds; inverviews from 30 seconds).

A map of Scotland showing Glasgow
A photograph of a building with blue doors, beside a river.The West Boathouse, home to Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club and Clyde Amateur Rowing Club.