Magic Torch Comics, Inverclyde

Telling the tale of a former railway line through comic books.

About the project

From August 2016 onwards, Scotland's Urban Past (SUP) worked with Magic Torch Comics, an Inverclyde based arts and heritage group, and Newark Primary School in Port Glasgow to tell the story of the old railway line that once ran through the town. 
Magic Torch Comics are a volunteer group that specialise in folklore and storytelling, using comics and graphic novels to engage members of the public in local history. Since they were established in 1999, the group have published books, created short films and undertaken community drama to promote the local heritage of Inverclyde.
With support from the SUP team and Scotrail Cultural Fund, Magic Torch Comics and pupils from Newark Primary School investigated the route of the old railway lines to inspire a new comic. The resulting "Ghost Train" comic is out now! Check it out below. 
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A map of Scotland showing Greenock
An illustration of a woman in a space suit with the words "Graphic storytelling: new ways to engage readers and tell stories".