Glasgow Disability Alliance

Investigating, documenting and comparing experiences of education, leisure and access for people with disabilities in Glasgow through the years.

About the project

During autumn 2015, members of the Glasgow Disability Alliance (GDA) young people’s network joined Scotland’s Urban Past (SUP) to take the first steps in their project to investigate and document their experiences of the urban environment.

GDA is an organisation of disabled people (DPO) in Glasgow, with a membership of over 2,500 disabled people. They empower people with disabilities to be full and active citizens, living independent lives and fulfilling their potential.

A map of Scotland showing Glasgow

Favourite places

In a series of workshops held in Glasgow's inspiring buildings, the group developed skills in interpreting urban architecture and historical maps, mapping places and journeys, and got hands on experience in photography and film interviews, while exploring the themes of education, leisure and access.

During the workshops, group members creatively responded to their urban environment by producing video interviews, personalised maps and art works celebrating their favourite places, made in collaboration with Project Ability at Trongate 103.

The final workshop concluded with the creation of a wonderful collage-mural exhibiting the group’s art work and describing their favourite places and the connections between them. The group’s video interviews are available to view on a specially created digital map.

A photograph of a man in a wheelchair wearing a blue jumper drawing a football stadium.Young people at Glasgow Disability Alliance responded to their urban heritage by creating artworks celebrating their favourite places.
A photograph of six young people from Glasgow Disability Alliance standing against a wall decorated with a collage.The group's art work was exhibited in a collage-mural.

Next steps

The group will continue to work with SUP in 2016, connecting young people with members of the GDA older people’s network to investigate, document and compare together experiences of education, leisure and access for disabled people in Glasgow in the past and present.