Friends of St John's Tower, Ayr

Revealing the hidden story of a local landmark.

About the project

In 2001, local residents formed the Friends of St John’s Tower group to take this landmark of Ayr under their wing and grow community pride. Built in medieval times as an addition to the main church building, St John’s Tower was later used for military purposes and once even formed part of a Gothic mansion.
As public access to the tower is limited, the local residents were keen to improve public awareness of the monument by producing a short film showing its interior and roof views. People are now able to discover the tower on the web, access it in new ways and understand its significant role in Ayr.
Find out more about the Friends of St. John's Tower on their website:
A map of Scotland showing Ayr
A photograph of people filming outside St John's Tower in Ayr.

Ayr's Oldest Building

Watch the group’s video and gain a glimpse into the history of St John’s Tower.

What happened next?

Building on the skills they gained through their film project with Scotland's Urban Past, the Friends of St John’s Tower went on to create a second short film on Doors Open Day 2015. This film was produced by Iaian Sands, a student at the University of the West of Scotland.