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Canmore ID Site Name Classification Site Number
169705 Giffnock, Church Road, Orchardhill Parish Church And Hall Church (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NS55NE 159
167788 Glasgow, Thornliebank, Spiersbridge Road, Spiersbridge Church And Hall Church (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NS55NW 86
248425 Dechmont, Bangour Village Hospital, Recreation Hall Hall (20th Century), Psychiatric Hospital (20th Century) NT07SW 18.4
356303 Granton, 225 Granton Road Hall NT27NW 637
304566 Edinburgh, 338 Gorgie Road, Former Free Church Church (19th Century), Hall (19th Century), War Memorial (20th Century) NT27SW 4712
301103 Edinburgh, Muirhouse, 24a Pennywell Road, The Old Kirk Of Edinburgh, Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27NW 408.1
299924 Edinburgh, Granton, Boswall Parkway, St Margaret Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27NW 123.2
297693 Edinburgh, Craigmillar, 16 Niddrie Mains Road, Thistle Foundation, East Court, Hopetoun Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 3834.6
267019 Edinburgh, 121 Montgomery Street, Kirk Memorial Evangelical Union Church Church (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 5862
262782 Edinburgh, 304 Lawnmarket, Brodie's Close, Bake House Bakery (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 5861
260724 Edinburgh, Bruntsfield Place, Barclay Place, Barclay Church Hall Link Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SW 945.2
259212 Edinburgh, Churchhill, 18 Morningside Road, Morningside Baptist Church, Hall And Offices Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SW 162.1
258575 Edinburgh, London Road, London Road Church, Sunday School Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 2862.1
258449 Edinburgh, Primrose Bank Road, Wardie Parish Church, Church Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27NW 380.1
257632 Edinburgh, Marshall Street, United Presbyterian Church Church (19th Century), Hall (19th Century) NT27SE 5658
257524 Edinburgh, Pleasance, Pollock Institute Of Physical Education Psychology Air Raid Shelter (second World War), Brewery (19th Century), Hall (20th Century) NT27SE 5633
257491 Edinburgh, 102b Whitehouse Loan, Warrender Church Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 5624
254559 Edinburgh, 20 Hanover Street, Merchant Company Hall Bank (financial) (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 5338
254442 Edinburgh, 9 Lorne Street, St Paul's Church Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27NE 171.1
254308 Edinburgh, Palmerston Place, St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Song School Hall (period Unassigned), School (period Unassigned) NT27SW 2084.1
254252 Edinburgh, 4 Broughton Street, St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral, St Andrew's Hall Church (period Unassigned), Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 497.1
254047 Edinburgh, Willowbrae Road, New Restalrig Church, Hall Hall (period Unassigned) NT27SE 4466.1
254031 Edinburgh, Madeira Street, North Leith Parish Church, Hall And Beadle's House Hall (period Unassigned), House (period Unassigned) NT27NE 334.1
254000 Edinburgh, Leith, Ferry Road, Leith Theatre And Thomas Morton Hall Hall (period Unassigned), Theatre (period Unassigned) NT27NE 1442