Becoming an Urban Detective: suggest a site

Do you know of an interesting building that you would like to see added to the National Record of the Historic Environment? You can suggest a site on the Scotland's Urban Past website.

Becoming an Urban Detective: add an image to an existing site

Do you have an image of one of our sites? You can add it to make our record of the historic environment more accessible.

Becoming an Urban Detective: the basics

How to start researching and recording Scotland’s towns and cities for future generations.

Becoming an Urban Detective: add a text comment to an existing site

This step-by-step guide explains how you can add information and memories about places in Scotland's towns and cities.

Becoming an Urban Detective: classify a site

Urban Detectives classify Scottish sites in our archive. With this guide, you can help us classify sites like churches, schools, factories, parks and other types of structure or space.