Oral-History Recording

The social history of places is fascinating, and gathering factual histories and personal stories will likely inform, enrich and enliven your project. Talking to people who wish to share their memories will bring together unique stories and first-hand experiences, feelings and attitudes of the past.

Collecting and Sharing Memories

Sharing memories can be therapeutic and give an insight into unique, first-hand experiences of historical events, activities and lifestyles. This guide will help you plan your project in collecting and sharing memories, covering the preparations and practicalities of conducting oral-history interviews. Download the PDF guide  here


Editing your Interviews

After capturing oral histories through a video or audio-recorder, you may wish to edit the content. By editing content, you can provide a clear narrative, create short clips for a website or exhibition, and create a video to accompany an audio-only recording. Download the PDF guide here

How To: Record Oral History

Spoken memories are some of the most valuable records we can collect. They tell us not only what happened, but how it impacted the people who lived through specific times and events. Recording oral histories is a great way to get a snapshot of a community. Here's how you can do it.