Becoming an Urban Detective: suggest a site

Do you know of an interesting building that you would like to see added to the National Record of the Historic Environment? You can suggest a site on the Scotland's Urban Past website.

Finding your site

You might have looked for a site you are interested in on the Scotland’s Urban Past website, and have not found it. If so, you can suggest a site to be added to the database. First, make sure you are registered as an Urban Detective on the Scotland's Urban Past website. Log in using your username and password.

Find the location of the site you want to add. To do this, go to Urban Detectives on the web site, and then to Suggest a site, as below:

Screen image of suggest a siteGo to Urban Detectives, then suggest a site

Find your site on a map

Zoom into the map by using the map controls, or the wheel on your mouse.  You can pan (move) the map by holding down your mouse button and dragging the map to your desired location. If you are physically at the location you wish to add, and are using a hand-held device, you can click on My Current Location to take you to the spot on the map.Once you find the site you are looking for, click on Suggest a site. Then click on the map where your suggested site is. A dark purple ‘map pin’ will appear. You can drag this around by holding down your mouse button if you want to change its position.  Once you are happy with the location, click Confirm, as illustrated below.


Screen image of suggest a site mapClick confirm when you are happy with the position of your map pin

Entering your site details

Enter your site details into the first screen. This should include a name, address and town or city. When you have done this, click Next.

Screen image of enter site locationEnter the location information (address) for your site.

Enter what the site is used for

Then enter the site use details, and click Next.

Scree image of what is a site used forEnter here what the site is used for

Enter any information you have about the site

You will then be prompted to add any information you have about the site, as below.

Screen image of entering information about a siteEnter any information you have about the site

Adding an image

After that, you will be prompted to add an image, skip this if you do not have one, otherwise, choose a file to upload by clicking Choose file.

Screen image of choosing a file to uploadChoose a file to upload

Navigate to the directory you have put your file into, as below. Once you have found your image, select it and click Open, as below

Screen image of navigating to a directoryNavigate to the directory where your images are stored

Your image will upload to the Scotland’s Urban Past website. Enter a Title for your image, and then a Description, both these fields are required. It is helpful to put the name of the building in the title. You must make sure that any images you download belong to you. Once you are satisfied with your entry, you can click Submit then Finished.

Screen image of Once you are satisfied with your entry, click Submit then Finished

You will see a screen message that says Thank you for suggesting a site.

You will also get an email to your email box that says:

Thank you for suggesting a new site for Scotland's Urban Past.

Our validator is reviewing your suggestion and will send you an email to let you know if it goes live on the website.

Thank you

The Scotland's Urban Past Team

When your site has been approved, you will receive an email from the SUP validator. Then you can continue adding more information or images to the site.