Becoming an Urban Detective: classify a site

Urban Detectives classify Scottish sites in our archive. With this guide, you can help us classify sites like churches, schools, factories, parks and other types of structure or space.

Find a site to classify

First, make sure you are registered as an Urban Detective at this website.

Log in using your username and password.

A site classification is simply what the site or building is, such as a church, factory or beach hut. By classifying sites, you help us build an accessible record of the history of Scotland's towns and cities.

First, find a site you want to classify; to do this, go to Urban Detectives on the web site, and then to Classify a site:

Screen image of urban detectives menuAs a logged in Urban Detective, navigate to 'Classify a site'

Filter by council area

From the first drop-down menu, choose the council area you are interested in.

A list of sites with no classification will appear.

You can scroll through these images until you see a place you are familiar with.

Screen image of find a council areaFind a council area from the first drop-down

Classify your site

To classify a site, choose a site type from the first drop-down menu (Classify this site) and then a time period from the second (When did it start being used in this way?).

You can also add more than one classification and time period. For example, a site could be both:

Department store – 20th Century
Flats – 21st Century

Click Submit between each suggestion.

Screen image of classifying a siteClassify your site and add a time period

Submitting your suggestion

When you have added your terms, you will see a message that your suggestion has been added.

Once two people have made the same suggestion, the classification will appear in the site record.

You can also classify a record that has no classification from the main site record. If a record does not have a classification, the Suggest a classification box will appear below the site image(s). You can suggest and submit a classification here.

Screen image of classifying a siteClassifying a site from the main record