Becoming an Urban Detective: add a text comment to an existing site

This step-by-step guide explains how you can add information and memories about places in Scotland's towns and cities.

Find a site

First, make sure you are registered as an Urban Detective on the Scotland's Urban Past website.

Log in using your username and password.

Find the site you want to add text to; this can be by keyword, but a map search is often easier as buildings or sites may be known by different names. To do this, click on the Urban Detectives tab, and then to Find a site:

Screen image of Urban DetectivesWhen logged in as an Urban Detective, find a site you want to add text to.

Using the map

Zoom in to the map by using the map controls on the left, or the wheel on your mouse.

You can pan on the map by holding down your left mouse button and dragging the map to your desired location. If you are actually at the location you wish to add text to, and are using a hand-held device, you can click on My Current Location to take you to the spot on the map.

Once you find the site you are looking for, click on its map pin. A ‘speech bubble’ with further details will display. Click on the words Site record in the speech bubble to take you to the full record, as illustrated below.

Screen image of find a site by mapWhen zoomed in on the map, click on 'Site record' in the speech bubble

Enter your own text

Scroll to the bottom of the site record.

If you are the first person to add a comment, the Text and comments box will say Be the first to share a story about this place. Otherwise, it will say Share a story about this place.

Enter a title for your comment, and then your text. Once you are satisfied with your entry, you can click Save.

Screen image of adding a commentOn a site record, you can add your text, then click Save

Editing your comment

If you want to edit your comment later on, or add more information, click on Welcome at the top right of the Scotland's Urban Past website while logged in, then click on My contributions, then My comments, stories and text.

A list of your text contributions will appear. Simply click the Edit button to to edit your text, and Save when you are satisfied with your edits.