Minecraft Maps of Medieval Dunfermline

Dunfermline Young Archaeologists' Club recreating medieval Abbot House in video game Minecraft.

About the project

From October 2016, we're working with Dunfermline Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) on their project to recreate medieval Abbot House, Dunfermline's oldest domestic house, in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a video game that allows users to place blocks, create buildings, change landscapes and work together to produce whole interactive worlds. Immersive Minds, an education consultancy specialising in technology and games-based learning, will be supporting the YAC with the technical side of the project. Examples of their other Minecraft work includes the Crafting the Past project, a partnership with Dig It! 2017.

More details about the project will be added to the Scotland's Urban Past (SUP) website as it progresses.

A map of Scotland showing Dunfermline