Home Educators' Puppet Project, Stonehaven

Home educated children and young people gathered in Stonehaven to explore and present the town's stories through puppetry, craft and film.

When archives and imagination combine

Scotland's Urban Past worked with home educated children and young people in Stonehaven on a co-production film project. 

Participants (ranging from (6-12 years old) investigated a wealth of material Historic Environment Scotland's archive, from early sketches to photographs of fisherman and studied maps from the National Library of Scotland. With their reasearch to inspire them they set about producing story board before moving on to hand craft their puppets and sets. The afternoon concluded with participants, aptly branding themselves 'Squid Works Productions from Stonehaven,' recieveing film training and working as a team to bring their creations to life infront of the camera. 

Next steps will see Scotland's Urban Past providing the group with a creative practitioner to edit their fantatsic footage into a mini movie showcasing what happens happens when archives and imagination combine! 

Three, two, one - action!