Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden, Edinburgh

Remembering and recording a 'secret' medieval walled garden.

About the project

Seeking ways to champion their historical greenspace, the Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden contacted us in 2015 for help in surveying and recording the medieval walled garden of the now-demolished Granton Castle.
Hidden behind its Category 'B' listed walls, many local residents are unaware of the existence of the garden, one of the oldest surviving walled gardens in Edinburgh.
The group's project with Scotland's Urban Past aims to improve awareness of the  how untouched the garden has remained for over 500 years, despite dramatic change in the surrounding area.
In 2014, the historic greenspace was facing potential demolition to make way for a new housing development. Responding to the potential loss of the site and its associated horticultural history, the local community established the Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden and have been campaigning to raise awareness of this 'secret' garden in the north of Edinburgh.
From October 2015, we have been providing training sessions in using archives, reading the urban landscape and cartography.
A map of Scotland showing Edinburgh