Your SUP Idea

Does your group have a new idea about celebrating the heritage of your area or a local landmark? We can help you with training, resources and support.

What would you like to do?

Your idea can be any type of project which helps people to explore and celebrate the rich architectural, industrial, social and personal histories of Scotland’s towns and cities.

This could include:

  • discovering and sharing ‘hidden’ stories of your town or city
  • showing why your place matters to you, your community, the people who work or pass through it regularly
  • illustrating how your place could be used in new and innovative ways
  • celebrating your urban environments – the buildings, the spaces in between and the people who live there


Consider what kind of impact your project could have – on people, heritage or community. For example:

  • your project might bring people together, helping members of the community get to know each other and take new pride in their neighbourhood
  • taking part in your project might help participants in your group gain skills, knowledge or confidence in discovering the past life of your town or your city
  • your project could make the place and its heritage better known, better used, better looked after or better understood
A photograph of a girl wearing a virtual reality headset.

How would you like to share your discoveries?

We can help you share your findings through:

  • exhibitions, talks and events
  • photography, films and podcasts
  • walking tours, heritage trails and audio guides
  • leaflets and flyers
  • poetry, story-telling, artwork and plays
  • digital projects including 3D modelling, mapping, drama, dance and musical performances