Minecrafting of Medieval Dunfermline

This blog post by Mark Seaborne covers the latest Scotland’s Urban Past project with Dunfermline Young Archaeologists' Club to recreate Dunfermline's oldest domestic house in Minecraft.

Submitted by Fife Archaeologists' Club on 26-08-2016 09:59:47

The Minecraft Plan

This October, Scotland's Urban Past (SUP) and Dunfermline Young Archaeologists' Club (YAC) will launch a project to recreate medieval Abbot House in Minecraft.

The project kicks off with two days of activity on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of October11:00 - 14:00.

We'll  be meeting in the GlassRoom, Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline, and all YAC members are encouraged to take part. Lunch will be provided each day.

As well as support from SUP, we will have Stephen Reid of Immersive Minds providing techie know-how.

The project will make use of the research and recording undertaken by Abbot House volunteers during an earlier SUP project to make a video about the life of the house as a heritage centre.

Recreating Abbot House

First we try to work out just what Abbot House might have looked like when it was first built. We'll be gathering data in the field and using old maps and plans as well as getting stuck-in with Minecraft itself.

Everyone will need to design their own medieval character to to work on Abbot House in Minecraft, so start thinking who you would like to be in medieval Dunfermline.

Recreating Abbot House in Minecraft isn't just fun, it is useful historical research. One of our leaders is studying Abbot House as part of her University degree; we will be helping her and other historians and archaeologists to understand Abbot House.

Our project will help YAC members to work for the Heritage Hero awards and, maybe, Youth Scotland’s Dynamic Youth awards too.

If anyone has any queries about the project and Dunfermline YAC just drop an email to contact@yac-dunfermline.org.

And if you can't wait till October, head over to the Crafting the Past page on the Digit2017 Web site to download Minecraft realisations of a mansion or a Roman fort or an Iron Age hill fort.

A screenshot of a computer-generated hill fort.A Scottish Hill Fort realised in Minecraft by Immersive Minds for AOC Archaeology Group and Dig It! 2017



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