Memories of Alva: 1954 to 1981

Guest blogger Jim Mylles reflects on his memories of Alva.

Submitted by jimbandit on 14-02-2016 02:02:12

Memories of Alva

I grew up in Alva initially in Lawson Crescent. I was born in Airthrie Castle in 1954 and lived in a prefab in Lawson Crescent until 1964 when my family moved to Caroline Crescent. As a child, I remember there being open fields behind our prefab (where the Nethergate etc is now) and there was an old railway line 50 yards away.

I used to swim and fish in the river Devon as a child. 

Eventually , I left Alva in 1981 to live in County Durham. Since then, there have been many changes in Alva and surrounding areas that make it almost unrecognisable to where I grew up. Several years ago I actually got lost trying to circumnavigate Alloa as some roads had been closed off or rerouted.

Oh well, as they say, that's progress.

A black and white aerial photograph of Alva taken from a plane.An aerial view of Alva, taken in 1953.


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