Medieval Minecraft!

We had an excellent session with Scotland’s Urban Past and Steven from Immersive Mind yesterday. We are working together to create a map of medieval Dunfermline using the computer game Minecraft, which many of our members are already avid fans of!

Submitted by Lottie Johnson on 17-01-2017 19:21:02

Steven has created a map of Dunfermline using information taken from Google maps. It includes local landmarks like the Glen, which has hills, trees and the river running through it. Impressive! But we must populate it with buildings! First off, Abbot House. Once the group has built Abbot House on our server, Steven will lift the building and place it in to this pre-created topography of Dunfermline.

Next, Fiona from SUP did a session on Mason’s marks. Those longer-serving YAC members might remember the walk around Dunfermline Abbey we did to hunt for Mason’s marks. These marks were identifying marks which Mason’s would carve in to stone to mark their handiwork. We decided that it would be a nice idea for each YAC member to design their own mark which they could then place somewhere on each of their Minecraft builds. Each member came up with their own unique design, some using their initials. We then had a go at placing these into a Minecraft build so we could see what they would look like.

Next, Dougie talked us through the excellent work he and Erin have done to convert old archival documents and measurements of Abbot House in to easy to understand plans that we can build from. Thank you Dougie and Erin for all of your hard work on this over the last few months! We now have plans which have been converted in to Minecraft blocks so that we can begin building our masterpiece!

We thought we would let everyone have a little go at using the plans and everyone seemed to pick it up really quickly. We soon had something resembling a very early Abbot House. We chatted about what materials we thought it may have been made from, and chose appropriate Minecraft blocks to reflect this. We also chatted about the fact that we know there was an external staircase to the first floor, but have no documents to show what this would have looked like. Members are now experimenting with finding somewhere to fit a staircase that won’t block windows and doors.

We're looking forward to seeing members' progress, and we're sure it won't take them long to complete the medieval stag of Abbot House. We have also set each member the task of building their own shop or home. They will need to do their own research on things like building materials and can then let their imaginations run free.

Individual Mason's marks in the front of a Minecraft build



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