Hatching an Apple!

What to do with a tiny building - exploring "non-destructive" hatch options for a retailing police box in Juniper Green, Edinburgh

Submitted by 533x on 18-02-2016 12:48:21

Hatching an Idea!

Guest blogger Ursula Fearn writes about modifying her ex Police box.


My former police box opened as Eve's Apple Shack for our first extended summer season in 2015, August-October.  I realised pretty quickly  towards the end of the hasty refurbishment that the “summer” hatch, a set-up created by our local joiner, whilst perfect for keeping fruit cold and saving on making any cuts into the brittle cast iron 1930’s structure, was not gonna hack the Scottish weather, especially during climate change, and an el Nino year.

The “summer” hatching arrangement made it unviable for any comfortable use  over the winter! Time to discuss Plan / Hatch B  ideas with a local locksmith, re-converting an existing panel, where the public to police telephone used to sit, into a detachable, secure opening enabling a more “shebeen” peekaboo-like set up for the winter. So little red firing hood was able to do her job in heating up  any occupants!


former public to police telephone box. Panel opened as hatch.Hatch B (winter)
Ex-police telephone box now selling applesHatch B (winter) -external view
Interior of ex-police box now selling apples"Little Red Firing Hood" for use Plan/Hatch (winter) B Arrangement


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