Dancing through the decades with the Youth Forum

On Monday 25 April, the Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum invited you to Dance through the Decades and celebrate 100 years of youth culture at their first annual youth-led event.

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Remembering youth

On Monday 25 April, Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum held their annual youth-led event to celebrate their urban past.

At this year's event,entitled Dance Through The Decades, everyone was invited to reminisce, enjoy the live jazz band, remember their youth and the music that defined it! The event was a great night for all involved.

Below are some quotes from different members of our Youth Forum who helped organise the night!

Victoria Robb
Scotland's Urban Past Learning Officer

A photograph of three young women wearing black t-shirts with the words "Scotland's Urban Past".The Youth Forum is an opportunity for young people (16-24) in Scotland to get creative, be heard, have influence and gain the skills and experiences needed for their future careers.

Choosing the theme

Edinburgh has a rich history of music and dance venues, some surviving today while others have been lost or redeveloped.

New venues also make use of Edinburgh's varied existing architecture, and redefine older buildings. The changing look and purpose of these places reflects the development of music, dance and youth culture through the decades.

The downloadable PowerPoint contains images I found to highlight this.

Alice Mainstone
Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum Member

A black and white photograph of a woman in a beautifully decorated room, in a white dress, spinning a hula hoop around her waist.This image from the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh shows how entertainment, dance, fashion and youth culture has changed in 1958.

The Youth Forum experience

Through being a member of the Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum I have gained a new insight into and renewed enthusiasm for being part of the heritage sector and the work that institutions such as Historic Environment Scotland do.

In particular, I enjoyed joining Vicki and the team on a primary school trip where they allowed me to take a real role in running the session.

A second favourite must be the afternoon we had of convservation skills. This was a fun, hands-on introduction to conservation work. I would have loved to do more!

I also valued the training session on marketing. This is an area I had little knowledge and experience of but have come to realise it is central to the success of any project I might be part of in the future.

We put this into practice during our end of year event, which was a fab, creative, and novel, night of music and dancing for young people. Great end to my time with the Youth Forum.

Georgia Vullinghs
Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum Member

A photograph of two young women dancing. One is wearing a black t-shirt with the words "Scotland's Urban Past" on it.Youth Forum Member Georgia Vullinghs learning the popular 1920's dance "The Charleston".

What the Youth Forum did for me

As part of the Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum, I:

  • got to meet people my own age from across Scotland who are into such a variety of disciplines within the history/heritage sector. 
  • was put in touch with people like Dig It! and being able to make connections with professionals to get an idea of what I'm getting myself into by pursuing a career within the heritage sector.
  • took part in training days! We've managed to pick up hugely valuable skills like the events planning, working with social media and had incredibly important insights into different aspects of what is a really underestimated industry. 
  • developed. For me, at least, the Youth Forum has given me a massive boost of confidence in my own abilities and has given my the kick I needed to get my own blog set up (even if it isn't quite running properly yet) and to actually go out and talk to people about what I want to do. 
  • am way more proactive about my own future and about what I want to do with my life and my degree. 

Samantha Binnie
Scotland's Urban Past Youth Forum Member

A photograph of a young woman with glasses standing in front of a wall decorated with peace symbols.Youth Forum Member Samantha Binnie in homage to 70s youth culture.


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