Canongate. Camera. Action!

Canongate Youth Tours present their take on the history of their place.

Submitted by Nicky on 19-08-2015 11:49:21

In the second part of our exciting project with Canongate Youth, the Scotland's Urban Past team helped the young people of the Thursday Club to produce a short film on important local landmarks.

The energetic and creative 8 to 12 year olds took on the roles of researchers, scriptwriters and storyboarders, camera operators and sound technicians, actors and directors to create a tour of Canongate and Dumbiedykes with a twist.

With the support of the SUP team, budding filmmakers Erin, Toni, David, Darien, Hartley, Lacey and Harri - and not forgetting youth worker Hannah - started by investigating historical maps and photographs to learn more about changes to their area of Edinburgh. They then created their own community map showing the places and spaces which matter to them today. Training on using the cameras and microphones was the next important step, and  they were on the way to making their film!

SUP staff had as much fun as the children creating original characters in Playdoh, sketching out storyboards for these characters, and practising presenting and acting skills through games. Then we all sat down together to view film and TV clips to bring together ideas for characters and stories, and learn more about directing and editing. Finally it was time to decide on locations, create the storyboard and write the script!

Filming out and about around the Canongate and in Dumbiedykes was lots of fun and everyone learned new skills. But, it was challenging and quite exhausting too, because... Take 1: the presenter or actor forgets their lines. Take 2: vans, lorries and people stop in the shot. Take 3: the rain starts again or the sun comes out again. Take 4: ‘quiet please, and stop moving around on that gravel!’ Take 5: success!

The twist in the tour will be revealed when the completed film is shown at Canongate Youth’s summer showcase on Monday 31 August at 4.30pm at South Edinburgh Resource Centre, 6 Infirmary St, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT. Everyone is welcome to attend.



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