Cameras and cardboard!

The children from the Canongate Youth Group have captured their urban area through cameras and cardboard!

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We have just finished the first part of our exciting project with Canongate Youth.

The Banana Club, for children aged 5-8, explored hidden secrets and discovered the really interesting buildings and features in their local area, Dumbiedykes. They investigated old photographs and maps of the area and then went outside on a photography scavenger. Seeing an area you are familiar with through the eyes of a child was a priceless experience for the staff at the Canongate as well as the Scotland's Urban Past team.

Using their photographs as inspiration, the children then created their own cardboard city sculptures with the artist from Waste of Paint Productions. We have clearly created a team of future town planners. Every single one of the buildings, streets and signs in their city has a story behind it and shows the children’s awareness of their surroundings.

Below are some quotes from the children themselves!

Stories from the Banana Club:

'I went on a visit to the Scottish parliament, that's the doors. You can only go in one way and out another way.'
- Harris

'I can't believe I finished this. I'm only FIVE!'
- Cameron

'This is my community centre, there's always notices on the doors so I drew them.'
- Bobbie

'This is my house, it is in red flats, that's me and my mum in the window.'
- Rowan

'This is my dad and my mum, my cat and my dog, and this is MY bed.'
- Cammy

‘I’ve made it really tall because I like tall buildings. You can see our whole city from up here. We gave it a pyramid roof so they don’t get wet.’
- Daisy and Pippa

‘It has a wheelchair ramp because stairs are difficult to get up and there is a lift because I get tired after climbing too many stairs so other people will too. What if they have a dog!’
- Rowan

‘There is disabled parking, street signs, and double yellow lines around our Parliament building so there are no dangerous cars.'
- Harris

‘We saw big windows in the shops when we were taking photos. We made big windows on our pet shop so that everyone can see inside easier.’
- Maisy

‘I would like more water so I’ve made a river next to our house and put boats in it.’
- Cameron


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