A break from Maths and English!

On Wednesday 21 October, Scotland's Urban Past and pupils from Todholm Primary School got outdoors to explore. Read more in this blog post from our Youth Forum members.

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Youth Forum members surveying and sketching at Todholm Primary School

photograph of yellowed autumnal treesA beautiful Autumn at Todholm

Iona Bruce

On the 21st of October SUP visited Todholm Primary to do something a bit different. Rather than spending the afternoon in maths or english lessons, we decided to take primary 6 and 7 pupils outside to have a think about how they could make a record of their school so it would be remembered in the future. so, after being split into their 3 groups to rotate round the stations off we went.

The first station was surveying - do you know how to accurately record and draw a building to scale? What is a scale? How do you measure distance and size? These are just some of the questions answered during the session.

The second station was photography - this was exciting as it gave us an opportunity to use fancy cameras and see what we thought was most important that we record about the school and playground. The result was some pretty great photographs and a few very well used cameras! 

Finally was sketching - the primary 6 and 7s really seemed to enjoy this as it gave them an opportunity to experiment with drawing and see what patterns and structures they could see within things, whether they were big like the school building or small like the flower or insect next to them.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the afternoon and we are well on our way to making a record of the school building and surrounding area so that others can enjoy them in the future!

Photograph taken through a dustbin to the view behind of a schoolView from a bin!
Photograph of red and yellow autumn leaves in a puddleWe grow our leaves to match our bins here at Todholm!

Katie Roper

On the 28th, I joined the Scotland's Urban Past team to assist them in delivering the last of a group of outreach sessions to schoolchildren at Todholm Primary School, Paisley. During the session, myself and Maria (our other Youth Forum volunteer) worked with a small group of children to enable them to create a plan of their school using plane table surveying techniques. The children commented on how much they loved being outside, and actually getting to measure, draw and learn in a hands-on practical way.

Although the weather worked against us, I was pleased to say although our plan and plane table were soaking wet, their spirits were not dampened! I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon, and look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.

Maria Almeida Reis

On Wednesday 28th October, at Todholm Primary School, we engaged the children in a series of activities to learn recording and photographing. We taught them how to take measurements and draw points on a plain table as a way to record their school, especially encouraging teamwork and group cooperation. Though working outside in the pouring rain proved to be a challenge, we certainly enjoyed teaching (and learning) from the children!


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